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Parsley Frisee Parsley Italian Plainleaf Parsley Laura-Italian Pot
Parsley Frisee
$ / Unit: AU$0.07 Ex GST
Hot Deal: AU$0.01 Ex GST
Savings: AU$0.07
612400 units in stock
Parsley Italian Plainleaf
$ / Unit: AU$0.06 Ex GST
33007 units in stock
Parsley Laura-Italian Pot
$ / Unit: AU$0.20 Ex GST
Hot Deal: AU$0.06 Ex GST
Savings: AU$0.15
622850 units in stock
5015-seed 2363-seed 5954-seed
Parsley Oscar - Italian Cut_disc Parsley Triple Curl
Parsley Oscar - Italian Cut_disc
$ / Unit: AU$0.17 Ex GST
Hot Deal: AU$0.01 Ex GST
Savings: AU$0.18
(Out of Stock)
Parsley Triple Curl
$ / Unit: AU$0.08 Ex GST
56936 units in stock
6939-seed 2365-seed