About Highsun Express

We offer industry leading vegetable, fruit, herb and flower seed direct from breeders from around the world. Every year we attend breeder trials to bring home the latest developments from overseas. Our varieties are trialed extensively at our own nursery to ensure you get varieties suited to Australian conditions. The varieties presented represent the latest trends and developments in the breeding world. With that, your chances of success in the garden are increased measurably. Now, Seeds Online gives our customers the opportunity to order their seed requirements at anytime, anywhere. The same comprehensive range of flowers, vegetables and herbs is available here as in our wholesale printed catalogue.

Seed Types
Highsun offers you the latest in seed enhancements for precision seeding, clear seed visibility and optimum germination and seedling vigour: - Coated
Some seeds are coated to provide uniform size and shape for seeding. Improves flow and individual sowing through automatic seeders. Uses bright colours to improve visibility.
- Detailed
Marigold seeds are treated to remove fuzzy tails. Minimises the risk of disease, which is carried in the tail. Improves flow and placement of seeds in plug trays. 
- Multi Pelleted
Multiple seeds are enclosed in each pellet. Allows for uniform sowing of multiple seeds per plug. 
- Pelleted
Small seeds are coated to allow more manageable, uniform shape. Allows easier handling for more reliable, faster mechanical sowing. Uses bright colours to improve visibility. 
- Primed
Seeds are treated to begin the biochemical process of germination then stopped just prior to radical emergence. Provides maximum and faster germination, even under a wider range of temperature and environments. Primed seed must be properly stored and used within 6 months of receival.